Ego Chainsaw Review – CS1600 / CS1604 POWER+ 16″ CHAIN SAW

Ego Chainsaw Review





Run Time Per Charge









  • High Efficiency Brushless Motor
  • 6800 RPM
  • Weather Resistant (ipx4)
  • Easy Toolless Chain Replacment
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Slow Bar and Chain Oil Leak
  • Chain Comes Off Bar Easily if Used in Brush
Ego Chainsaw Review Partially Assembled

Toolless Chain Replacment.

Ego CS1600

The Ego CS1600 Power+ 16″ Chain Saw has a special place in my heart. Sound silly? Well, it’s the first cordless electric lawn and garden tool I bought, over three years ago. So naturally for my first Ego chainsaw review I’m going to review my own CS1600.

All the pictures in this review are from my own chainsaw, that I have used extensively in that 3 year+ period. You might notice it doesn’t look brand new. But it still works like it’s brand new.


Ego CS1600 vs CS1604

This was initially a bit confusing for me, especially because the Ego web site doesn’t do a good job clarifying it.

  • The Ego CS1600 is the “bare tool”, meaning the chainsaw itself without a battery or charger. This is useful if you already have as many batteries and chargers as you feel you need. Typically this will sell for less than the CS1604, although do be on the lookout for sales as sometimes the difference is minimal.
  • The Ego CS1604 is the CS1600 with a 5.0Ah battery and a charger. That is the only difference – the same chainsaw with a battery and charger included.
Fully disassembled CS1600.

Fully Disassembled CS1600.


  • Electric (See my blog about electric vs gas lawn mowers – this applies to chainsaws as well).
  • Excellent family of products that use the same battery.
  • 56 volt system provides plenty of power.
  • Quality.
  • Comfort.
  • Durability.

How To Use It

To start the chain saw:

  1. Be safe.
  2. Fill with bar and chain oil.
  3. Insert a charged battery.
  4. Pull the chain kickback brake handle back towards the front handle.
  5. Hold chainsaw in a safe position with both hands.
  6. Press and hold down the lock-off button with the thumb of your right hand.
  7. Squeeze the trigger switch and the chainsaw will start.
  8. You can release the lock-off button but keep the trigger down to keep running.

To stop the chain saw:

  1. Release the trigger.
  2. Push the chain kickback brake handle forward.

Description and Features

The Ego CS1600 is a battery operated cordless electric chain saw.

  • Chain Kickback Brake
  • Chain Tension Adjustment
  • Guide Bar Length: 16 in.
  • 16″ Bar and Chain
  • Maximum Cut Diameter: 16 in.
  • Double Guard Bar and Narrow-Kerf Sprocket Nose
  • Low Kickback Chain Design (complies with ANSIB175.1)
  • Reversible Bar
  • .043 in. Gauge Chain with 3/8 in. Low Pro Pitch
  • CUL Listed

Other features are listed in the Pros section above.

CS1600 with battery loaded.

CS1600 with battery loaded.

Who Is This Chain Saw For?

This is a chainsaw for anyone who needs one, including people who might be worried about their ability to pull-start a gas-powered chainsaw. Starting is almost as simple as flipping a light switch, as described above.

This is also a chain saw for anyone who worries about the environment and their own personal health and safety while working outside.

The CS1600 can be used for anything from light to heavy work. I have cut trees of significantly larger diameter than the Maximum Cut Diameter Listed above, by working at them from multiple sides.

Final Thoughts

The CS1600 is a chainsaw that has almost everything right with it and very few flaws. This is an electric chainsaw that makes it easy to switch away from gas-powered chainsaws. It has all the power and reliability you need without the headaches of a gas engine.

For anyone who is in the market for a new chainsaw, I fully recommend this product. I personally like the flexibility, utility and weight of this 16″ chain saw. Do note that Ego makes an 18″ and 14″ model. For me, the 16″ is the Baby Bear of the line-up – it’s juuust right.

The CS1600 isn’t quite perfect, and I’ve listed my two complaints in the Cons section above.

  1. A slow bar and chain oil leak is quite common among chainsaws, especially just after use. I’d love for this to be eliminated completely. Take care where and how you store the chainsaw when not in use. I keep mine in my garage sitting on a cardboard box so the oil gets absorbed by the cardboard.
  2. The chain does tend to come off relatively easily when used in brush, even when the tension has been set properly. The solution for this is, of course, not to use it in brush. That is really a job for hedge trimmers, which I will be reviewing in the near future.

However, overall, I’ve used many chainsaws in my life and this is the best I’ve ever owned. I have recommended it to friends and coworkers.

Where to Buy

I’ve written here about my philosophy on buying an electric lawn and garden tool. Take the time to read this useful article.

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Bare tool – does not include battery or charger.Tool with battery and charger.