Welcome to Electric Lawn Tools. I hope you find a wealth of information here for all your lawn and garden needs.

I Use the Tools I Recommend

My name is Colin and I have been using lawn and garden tools for most of my life. At the age of 12, I took my saved money and purchased my first lawnmower, knocking on neighbors’ doors to drum up business. Later, I worked as both a landscaper and for a tree service. While my career has taken me in other directions, I have always maintained an interest in having the best tools to take care of the outside of my home and business.

Many typical testing and review sites tend to examine numerous new products for a short time, then rank them according to initial impressions. My site is different in that I have actually been using the products I discuss here for years, often in demanding conditions. I can tell you how tools perform and hold up over time in real-life situations.

Learning Things the Easy Way

I have always been driven to share information with others. Like many people, I spend quite a bit of time researching any product before I buy it. I hope to provide this knowledge to visitors to the site and connect them with successful products. You can learn from my experience.

The Electric Lawn Tools Vision

I hope this site will be a location where you find the best information and recommendations for your outdoor power tool needs. Whether you are looking for a chainsaw, lawn mower or anything related to keeping the exterior of your home or business looking great, this will be your resource



Founder of Electric Lawn Tools